Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The PlayStation Phone

It's hard to believe that what we're looking at is real but I assure you, the picture below is in fact the PlayStation Phone that you've long been waiting for. The device you see is headed into the market soon, likely boasting Android 3.0 (aka Gingerbread), along with a custom Sony Marketplace which will allow you to purchase and download games designed for the new platform. 

The device is sporting a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 (a chip similar to the one found in the G2, but 200MHz faster), 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and the screen is in the range of 3.7 to 4.1 inches. Looking almost identical to the mock up shown earlier this summer, the handset does indeed have a long touchpad in the center which is apparently multi-touch, and you can see in the photos online that it's still bearing those familiar PlayStation shoulder buttons. For Sony buffs, you'll be interested to know that there's no Memory Stick slot here, but there is support for microSD cards.

The particular model in this shot is still in prototyping mode. As such, the unit doesn't have a custom skin (not even SE's Timescape design seen on the Xperia devices) and is said to be rather buggy, but it's likely that much of what was reported earlier is still accurate and though the device could still be headed for a 2010 release, 2011 is looking much more realistic. Still, there's a lot of time between now and the holidays... so keep your fingers crossed!. What do you guys think is this going to be worth buying or just a fad like the PSPgo.

Image Source: Engadget


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