Friday, 6 August 2010

Mayflash Fighting Stick

I have just purchased a Mayflash arcade fightstick and I have seen mix reviews, some people like it and some don't, It is not the best one on the market but it is a good cheap fightstick and a good thing going for it, is that you can modify it to use Sanwa or Seimitsu parts very easily and Sanwa are considered to be the best, so just to use it as a base to build an ultimate but cheap fightstick you can't go wrong.

I was going to spend around £150 to buy a Mad Catz Street Fighter IV 'Round 2':  Tournament Edition arcade fightstick, but I thought why!, I don't really want to spend that sort of cash for something I might not use very often and then why not just buy a cheap one and then mod it later when I need to...

Products Features:
● Compatible with PS2, PS3, and PC USB.
● Compatible with GameCube and Wii by Mayflash GameCube Joy Box
● Compatible with XBOX 360 by Mayflash Max Shooter for XBOX 360
● The lever and buttons are designed and placed on same layout as the arcade style.
● Turbo function with different speed settings you can toy with.
● Supports button re-mapping and Macro functions.
● The Fighting Stick has considerable heft and rubber feet, both of which work to hold the controller firmly in place on hard, flat surfaces.
● The Fighting Stick has a metal base and plastic outer shell with smooth corners that don't murder your wrists.

PS2: Plug the Fighting Stick to your PS2 console, then play
PS3: Just plug the USB port of Fighting Stick to PS3 console, then play
GC/Wii: Plug the Fighting Stick to your GC or Wii console through Mayflash GameCube Joy Box, then play.
(GameCube JoyBox is a PS/PS2 compatible controller adapter for GC.
Mayflash GameCube Joy Box sold separately.)
XBOX 360: Plug the Fighting Stick to your XBOX 360 console through Mayflash Max Shooter for XBOX 360, then play.
(Max Shooter for XBOX 360 is a PS2 compatible controller adapter for XBOX 360, and also allows you to use a keyboard and mouse on your XBOX 360, Mayflash Max Shooter for XBOX 360 sold separately.)

(Get more details from the User Manual used with PC )
1. It’s definitely FORBIDDEN to plug the USB and PS2 port to your consoles at the same time!
2. Please DO NOT plug the USB port to your PS2 console.
Note: Only the updated fighting stick released after May 2009 can be compatible with GameCube, Wii and XBOX360

What's in the Box
Universal Fighting Stick
CD driver
User Manual

Source: Mayflash


  1. Looks like a great stick! :) The only arcade stick I've ever bought is the official Dreamcast one. It's great though, I wish it could be used on PC's for emulation...

  2. Looks great, but the joystick could be alot better, but I am going to change it out for a sanwa so that should vastly improve it.

  3. This stick is alright, from what I've hear, but the buttons are a lot harder to switch than this stick as far as I know. The holes are only 28mm so it'll take some work to fit normal 30mm Sanwa buttons.