Sunday, 6 June 2010

Equilibrium's RetroGaming Website

Checkout a really cool guy EquilibriumGaming on his youtube channel and on his blogspot page, I didn't know he would be on Blogtv doing a live broadcast, so I will definitely be checking that out, I hope you will too.
All the links you will need:



  1. Most appreciate the plugging and networking bro. Your blogsit is looking tight and hope techromancer1 and Stevebenway knows what you've been up to. Great work man. I am slowly making my site cooler by the week...

  2. Hey man,
    This is a different chat program. Mine doesnt look like that. For some reason on my end, the typing box and enter box is not visible. I think you need to reduce the box size so people can see the entire box. When I clicked on it once after I entered a username the first time, my webpage crashed for some odd reason. Later.

  3. Love your layout and Mortal Kombat theme!

  4. yeah thanks, there are ads on the chat, so you might need a adblocker for it show correctly, but I will probably remove it and look for a different one and if we both use the same one, people will be on both pages so whichever site they go to they will be able to chat on both sites

  5. Hey buddy,
    I still have my chat box up and running smoothly without any ads or anything so let me know if you want the exact embedd coding and will send it to you. Peace. Awesome website, and keep it up!